Visiting the ICU

Visiting the ICU

  • See directions here
  • Visiting hours: 1100-1830. You may be asked to step into the waiting room during the twice daily doctor ward rounds. (note: times may vary slightly and exceptions are made in some circumstances).
  • Bedside visitors are limited to two at any one time. It is not possible for family/friends to stay overnight as it is important for both the patient and family to be well rested.
  • Speak to the ICU receptionist at the front desk, or if unattended press the intercom on the left side of the ICU entrance doors
  • Keep your phone on ‘silent’ and take phone calls outside of the unit only.
  • Clean hands with pink antiseptic liquid when entering or leaving the ICU. As of 26/6/2023 you are required to wear a surgical mask when visiting (this may be subject to change).
  • Avoid attending if unwell especially with viral illnesses such as colds and flus.
  • There are times where you will be asked to stay in the waiting room and this can be due to: ward rounds, deterioration needing urgent review, procedures, and patient routine care such as turns and washes. Please be patient as we are working hard to provide the best possible care to your loved one.
what to bring to the icu

Patient belongings

  • Please make sure that you take home all valuables that belong to the patient such as jewellery, electronic devices and large bags.
  • The patient will need toiletries, glasses, hearing devices and their own CPAP machines during their admission. Please bring these items to the unit.
  • Put a label any personal belongings you wish to bring to the unit and ask a nurse before leaving them with the patient.


  • It can be stressful finding accommodation to stay near the hospital.
  • Attached below is a Word document with some accommodation options collated by the hospital. 
  • If in doubt please talk to a bedside nurse, social worker or the Accommodation Liaison Officer on (03) 9231 2268 who will have the most up to date information.
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