Research is a very important part of our ICU

The Intensive Care Unit has an active research program which has included participation in the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group (Dopamine, NICE-SUGAR, ADRENAL, TARGET, ARISE) and multiple local studies. The Unit has access to several mega-databases that allow analysis of critical care trends within St Vincent’s and hospitals in Victoria.
Here you can find a list of 152 research articles published from the SVHM ICU:
SVHM ICU research as of July 2020
We welcome participants from different disciplines and levels of experience including students, residents, trainees, and specialists from medical, nursing, allied health and research backgrounds.

Current research underway

As of February 2020, some of the trials we have underway at St Vincent’s ICU Melbourne include:
– REMAP-CAP is an international study of people presenting to ICU with community-acquired pneumonia. The study attempts to answer what combination of antibiotics and their duration is best. The study uses a novel strategy which can rapidly change the arms of the study based on data already received.
– SPRINT-SARI is another international study looking at patients with severe pneumonia presenting to ICU. It is not an intervention study but a study which gathers deidentified data on such patients.
– TAME is a multi-centre study of patients who present to hospital following an out of hospital cardiac arrest due to a primary cardiac cause. All patients undergo therapeutic cooling but will be randomised to normocapnia (normal carbon dioxide levels) or mildly elevated carbon dioxide levels. Previous small studies suggest better outcomes if carbon dioxide levels are higher.
– LUCID is a multi-centre study of patients presenting to ICU with a history of poorly controlled type-2 diabetes. Some recent studies suggest that these people might do better if their glucose (sugar) levels are left higher than the normal target of 10 mmol/L.
Several in-house studies continue:
– We are evaluating the usefulness of continuous glucose monitors for patients requiring insulin therapy.
– A study of nebulised heparin for acute lung injury has been submitted to a journal for peer review.

St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne is a leading research campus

Research is highly encouraged and excellence is rewarded. 
Here A/Prof John Santamaria (Director of SVHM ICU) wins the Senior Investigator Presentation award for his project ‘Increasing the number of medical emergency calls does not improve hospital mortality’.
The Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery is a proposed “hub fusing medicine, engineering, science and industry to yield significant economic, patient and healthcare impact, unlike anywhere else in Australia”. To learn more about this ambitious initiative headquartered at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne click here.
To learn more about current research at St Vincent’s as a whole click here.