Quality improvement

Quality improvement: Choosing Wisely campaigns

Within the ICU and as part of the wider hospital, we are always engaged in quality improvement projects to ensure that we provide the best possible care to our patients.
Current projects include:
Countdown to Discharge
MET call teamwork
In 2018 SVHM became a participating hospital in the Choosing Wisely program with funding and support from Better Care Victoria. Choosing Wisely is an international movement endorsed by the majority of leading medical bodies in Australia. Its goal is to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures, improving patients outcomes and making better use of our limited resources.
Our ICU was the lead department, implementing 2 very successful CW projects:
Reducing unnecessary “routine” CXRs
Ward Ready Patients: Reducing unnecessary intervention
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For more information

There are a number of other Choosing Wisely projects currently underway in the ICU and throughout SVHM. To get involved in quality improvement work, including Choosing Wisely, please contact Dr Yvette O’Brien.

Find out more about the Choosing Wisely initiative and what you can do as a clinician or patient/carer.