Liaison service

ICU Liaison Service

The Critical Care Liaison Nurse (CCLN) plays a pivotal role in the ongoing care of a patient admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The CCLN is a part of the multi-disciplinary team which cares for your loved one from admission to the ICU through to discharge to the ward.
The CCLN communicates with the ward nursing and medical staff in order to inform them of the patient’s progress. This ensures they are well prepared for when the patient is discharged to the ward. 
The CCLN is based in the ICU and to ensure safe transition to the ward reviews all patients being discharged to the ward. Throughout this time, the patient and their family may require support. The CCLN will often help support the family through this transition stage. Whilst the patient is on the ward, the CCLN will visit as often as necessary. They can be called upon as needed by ward staff to help support and deliver the best possible care and outcomes for the patient.
The CCLN also plays a fundamental role in the ICU consultant led multidisciplinary team that reviews patients with tracheostomies. Along with the multidisciplinary team, the CCLN aid in the progression, care and education of a patient with a tracheostomy. Read more about the Tracheostomy Review Service.
The CCLN also contributes to the upskilling and education of hospital staff through the running of interactive courses such as the ‘Management of Deteriorating Patients’ and ‘Tracheostomy Care’.