St Vincent's Melbourne ICU Education Programme

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Lots of tubes and machines? We train you in the art and science of ICU.

Our education program is designed to help junior medical and nursing staff to develop various skills that enable them to manage deteriorating patients both in and out of the ICU and to function effectively within a multidisciplinary team. We also focus on exam preparation for CICM trainees at both primary and fellowship exam level.
Formal medical teaching
ICU medical education:
Every Tuesday 1-3 PM. 2 hours of protected education time for ICU staff.
Incorporates monthly high fidelity SIMULATION.
Introduction to core ICU principles with hands on skills stations where relevant.
Involvement of various Specialty teams to cover specialised topics.
Weekly journal club:
Every Wed 1-2PM. Review of new and existing literature followed by a dynamic discussion exploring relevance to our practice.
Orientation Package: – Short modules on critical care topics designed to introduce novice trainees to the fundamentals of critical care. Access to modules is provided free prior to orientation.
Echo teaching:
Weekly sessions designed to help trainees to acquire echo skills to meet the CICM training requirements and to perform safe point of care cardiac ultrasound in the ICU.
This is a Victoria wide ICU education platform that SVHM is heavily involved in with the last 3 VICEN chairpersons being from St Vincent’s. This constitutes a full day of critical care education at the various hospitals in and around Melbourne. For details please refer to the VICEN TEAM on TEAMAPP.
Medical education blog posts
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Informal medical teaching
Bedside teaching on ward rounds and teaching of Medical students
In situ inter-professional SIM within the ICU on topics such as resternotomy post cardiac surgery and ECMO initiation.
Exam preparation
Primary (CICM):
Supports trainees undertaking the primary written and VIVA exams. 
Not limited to SVHM trainees. All comers welcome. 
Contact Dr Patricia Hurune –
Fellowship (CICM):
Support of trainees preparing for the CICM fellowship exam. 
Hot case practice sessions are broadcast on Hot Case Central via TEAM APP.
For written exam practice, contact Dr Manisa Ghani –
Hospital wide education
Tracheostomy study day:
Sessions run 2-3 times a year to develop skills for managing of tracheostomies including weaning and managing tracheostomy emergencies
This is managed collaboratively by the multidisciplinary Tracheostomy Review Service (TRS).
Met study day:
Sessions run twice a year to orientate medical and nursing staff to the team dynamic involved in MET calls within the hospital. 
It incorporates lectures and various skills sessions and simulation. 
For details on upcoming sessions, please contact the ICU Liaison Team – 

We love teaching and welcome fresh thinking


If you have an interest in clinical education please bring your ideas and help with the development of teaching activities in the unit.
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