The day Ravinder walked back into the ICU feeling like a new man, he was filled with gratitude and respect for the staff who helped save his life. Ravinder's storyRead More »
47yo Kashif was transferred to St Vincent's Melbourne after a large heart attack and was found to have severe coronary artery disease, requiring open heart surgery. Whilst Kashif already hadRead More »
ICU jobs for doctors 2024 - svhm icu
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It is that time of year and St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne ICU is advertising for Residents, Junior Registrars, Senior Registrars and Transition Year Fellow positions. The applications close 18/6/2023! IfRead More »
What started with a faint at work led to one hospital, another and finally St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne. By this time Steve was very unwell on life support and afterRead More »
palliative care svhm icu
Peer reviewed by Steven Musca This is part one of a series exploring dying in the ICU. The majority of people in Australia will die in hospital. In the IntensiveRead More »
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St Vincent's Melbourne ICU has seen many cases of severe COVID-19 infection. One of the most memorable is the story of Betty Mandarano. Betty spent over a month in ICURead More »
Eddie: an avid Tigers supporter, a runner and a legend! Unfortunately, being unvaccinated, Eddie’s body struggled to fight off COVID-19. The massive inflammatory response saw him fighting for his lifeRead More »
peter svhm
Peter came into hospital to have major cardiac surgery to fix two heart valves. Unfortunately after the long surgery the right side of Peter’s heart started to fail. In theRead More »
masters intensive care svhm
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Post update 24-1-2022 2022 midyear Postgraduate Intensive Care students can undertake the Graduate Certificateof Critical Care (Intensive Care) with University of Melbourne (UoM) commencing 13th June2022. Contact Details:Nurse Unit Manager,Read More »
donatelife week svhm
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We’re joining The Great Registration Race for DonateLife Week Right now in Australia, there are about 13 million people eligible to register as organ and tissue donors, but they haven’tRead More »
ICU jobs for doctors 2021 - svhm icu
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We are currently recruiting for 2022 and are looking for enthusiastic trainees to join our ICU team! Job applications are open until 10/6/2021 followed by short listing and interviews. JobsRead More »
the spirit of giving
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As ICU clinicians we work tirelessly to improve the care for our patients. We are privileged to be there for our patients, their families and friends in sometimes the mostRead More »
Sleep disorders This presentation covers normal and disordered sleep by Respiratory Physician and Intensivist A/Prof John Santamaria.
statistics svhm icu This is part one of an excellent introduction to statistics series presented by ICU Director A/Prof John Santamaria.
day in the life of an icu nurse
Peer reviewed by Rachael Johnstone and Steven Musca Setting the scene I am caring for a patient admitted with pneumonia. They have been in ICU for two days and yesterdayRead More »
At over 5 weeks into his ICU stay post major cardiac surgery, it's safe to say that the road hasn't been easy for Karl. Infections, pancreatitis, renal failure requiring dialysis,Read More »
Ramzi spent approximately 3 weeks in ICU with severe COVID-19 infection after 10 days of illness at home. He required a long duration on a mechanical ventilator, a brief runRead More »
Blood gas interpretation svhm icu
Peer reviewed by Dr Steven Musca and Dr Patricia Hurune Case details 55 year old male with known ESRF presented to hospital with shortness of breath after missing haemodialysis (HDx).Read More »
Betty leaving SVHM ICU after severe COVID-19 infection
Betty spent over a month in St Vincent's Melbourne ICU for critical illness secondary to COVID-19. She had two runs on a mechanical ventilator and was proned (nursed on herRead More »
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Melbourne is amidst a second wave of COVID-19, with many more patients requiring Intensive Care than previously. See the ABC news 7:30 report below to learn about some of theRead More »
ICU jobs for doctors 2021 - svhm icu
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We are pleased to announce that recruitment has started for medical positions in our ICU for 2021. We have a variety of jobs on offer. Click the links below toRead More »
“From the moment we arrived in the ambulance with Dennis, I felt very glad we were here. I was really thrilled when I knew we were being transferred to StRead More »
“My name is Amanda Johnson, I am now 30 years old, back in 2016-2017 I ended up in ICU for about 4-5 weeks when I was told by my localRead More »
“We DO remember- not everything, obviously, but quite a few snippets of hazy lucidity tend to stay with you- almost like waking recall of a dream, but one that staysRead More »
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St Vincent's Melbourne Intensivist Dr Barry Dixon is proposing a trial of nebulized Heparin in COVID-19 patients. He has done extensive research in using nebulized Heparin in Acute Respiratory DistressRead More »
“Thank you for never giving up.” Within one week of marrying his sweetheart, Travis Abel was in the St Vincent’s Intensive Care Unit. Diagnosed with leukaemia, complications set in, andRead More »
“October 2017 I was diagnosed with acute Necrotising Pancreatitis. Spent 8 days in ICU in Bendigo before being urgently flown to St.Vincents public. I spent a total of 9 weeksRead More »
Robert Coe had an incredible journey, surviving against the odds. When he went in for a complex open heart operation to fix a large coronary artery aneurysm he already hadRead More »
COVID-19 useful links
In a world of information overload, this post is intended to provide ICU staff with links to certifiable COVID-19 information that is being updated regularly. Both general information and StRead More »
hi back in November 2013 on the 19th i was at home when around 4.30 i had a cardic arrest, going about 20mins without a heart beat next doorRead More »
Post updated 20-6-2022 Minimum staff and resources listed below, more can be utilised based on availability or need. Consider this as a streamlined technique and supplement to the existing SVHMRead More »
COVID-19 coronavirus SVHM ICU
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused significant panic in the Australian public as reports of its impact overseas grow. This post is intended to provide a brief summary of what we knowRead More »
a/prof john santamaria australia day
We are proud to announce that A/Prof John Santamaria (Director of St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne ICU) has been honoured in the 2020 Australia Day celebrations. He was recognised as aRead More »
How Intensivists Think
A call comes from the ICU Registrar and the Intensivist wanders up from the sanctuary of the ICU to attend the tail end of the latest MET (Medical Emergency Team)Read More »
Welcome to our blog SVHM ICU
Intensive Care is an engaging and rewarding specialty. St Vincent's ICU Melbourne has a group of Intensive Care Specialists ('Intensivists') with deep experience in looking after critically ill patients, from the startRead More »