Patient Experience

Taking the long way home: Eddie fights severe COVID-19

Eddie: an avid Tigers supporter, a runner and a legend! Unfortunately, being unvaccinated, Eddie’s body struggled to fight off COVID-19. The massive inflammatory response saw him fighting for his life on a ventilator, being flipped on his front by a team of nurses and doctors (“proning”) and being administered all the medications with evidence to help his recovery.

After a month in ICU, a few setbacks and a tracheostomy, the hugely motivated Eddie transitioned to the ward to continue his recovery. The road back from severe COVID is a long one but Eddie is certainly made of what it takes to get there.

He had the following comments of his time in ICU:
“I love the care – the way that the nurses looked after the patients”
“Basically the way you guys look after everybody and what you have to do… you guys do an amazing job.”


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