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Surviving over a month in ICU for severe COVID-19 infection

Betty leaving SVHM ICU after severe COVID-19 infection

Betty spent over a month in St Vincent’s Melbourne ICU for critical illness secondary to COVID-19. She had two runs on a mechanical ventilator and was proned (nursed on her front rather than back whilst in a medically induced coma) for long periods of time to improve her lung function. After this, she required a tracheostomy to allow her to be slowly liberated from the ventilator.

She eventually had her tracheostomy removed, was officially cleared from COVID-19 and walked out of the ICU on her own two feet to a standing ovation! She spent another week getting stronger on the ward with the help of doctors, nurses and allied health staff before going home. Betty’s fighting spirit and positivity has been an inspiration to all of the ICU staff.

She has expressed her heartfelt thanks to all of those involved in her care.

17 thoughts on “Surviving over a month in ICU for severe COVID-19 infection

  1. Get well soon Betty its great news that you are getting better. Lots of love Frank & Mackie Raffaele.

  2. Comare Betty, we are so happy that you’re going home, my prayers have been answered, ??Thank you God! ❤️❤️❤️Compare Michele Comare Claudia xx

  3. Praying for you Betty keep up your fighting spirit, this is the best news. Lots of love Enza and the family. xx

  4. We honour our health care workers so very much. They are at risk every single day and still go to work and do everything that they can to support others who are suffering.
    Mum is very grateful and she appreciates all healthcare workers who did everything for her, they are not only her heroes but they are today her family.
    Mum you are so brave for enduring this traumatic experience, and you are so brave for for opening up and speaking about what feels impossible to speak about. You are brave for reaching out for help. You are brave for having to try these new things that frighten you. You are brave and strong for walking your body out of bed and doing the best that you can do every single day. With the support of doctors, nurses and connected health staff, you will commence the next chapter of your trip home, focusing on gaining your physical strength.
    Thank you all for your ongoing healing prayers, and donation to help support our number one hero’s and those that are in need suffering.
    Every little bit helps.
    Love you Mum.
    So proud of you my star.

    1. What a terrible traumatic experience you had to go through on top of everything loosing your father . I am sure that your mum and dad were looking down on you helping you through all this keeping you safe . I take my hat off to you Betty for being so brave in fighting this horrible disease . I wish you a very speedy recovery and with the love and support from your family and loved ones that you will get stronger and stronger each day . Stay safe and keep well . Will be praying for you . Lots of love and hugs ❤️❤️❤️??

  5. Betty, your an inspiration for many us. Only the people that know you, knew that you were going to get through this, stronger then ever.
    You carry the family on your shoulders, and that’s how I knew you were going to come out of this. Your a true soldier.
    Can’t wait to see you back at home with us. Love you dearly BTB.

  6. To my Mum, my Hero, my inspiration.
    You have always encouraged us to be strong, and after all that has happen this last few months you are as strong as you want to be. You are my beautiful Mother and have shown us strength.
    We all can get through these hard times in our lives ?❤️
    To the Doctor’s and Nurses you are her Angels and I thank you from the bottom of my heart ?❤️
    please give donation to St. Vincent hospital and help support the team, link is attached below, thank you ?❤️

  7. Betty you have been through so much you are a fighter and you have a loving family to go home to. Keep it up xxx

  8. My heart is filled with great joy knowing that you are recovering. Get better soon, stay strong, and stay safe. My sincerest best wishes for you and your family Betty. Prayers for a very speedy recovery. Mary Con and Family

  9. Have been praying for you non stop Betty! Cannot express how happy we are that you are getting better and how much courage you have to fight this virus. Lots of gratitude to all the health care workers at St V’s may God bless you all Mary & Mario ❤?

  10. Praying for Betty. May you continue to grow stronger each day with the support of your family and friends.

  11. We are so pleased to hear this Betty. Hope you now go from strength to strength! love maree pat dan and Amy

  12. Betty you are an amazing woman and we think of you everyday. We are so happy to hear that you are getting better everyday. You have the support of all of us. We look forward to seeing you lots of love ❤️ Xx Josephine & Joe

  13. Get well Betty. You’re in our thoughts and prayers, keep safe and hopefully you’ll go home soon to your loving family ????

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