Patient Experience

Recovering from Necrotising Pancreatitis

“October 2017 I was diagnosed with acute Necrotising Pancreatitis. Spent 8 days in ICU in Bendigo before being urgently flown to St.Vincents public. I spent a total of 9 weeks going from ICU and ward 7 East. The staff were amazing becoming almost a second family as my family were 2 hours away. They helped encourage me to get better and stronger every day. Even in the days that I was really down they knew how to cheer me up.

My most memorable and appreciative act of kindness they did for me was let me borrow a conference room on the ward for a few hours to let me wrap my Christmas presents for my family as i didn’t know if I was going to be home to celebrate it.

I will never forget the amazing level of care and gratitude that I got from all the staff on the ward. They are the reason why I’m still going strong today.

Thank you so much”


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