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We are an innovative, tertiary Intensive Care Unit in the heart of Melbourne. We believe strongly in continuous education, research and optimisation of patient centred outcomes. We aim to deliver this service within a supportive and friendly environment for both staff members and patients. This website is intended to provide patients and families with detailed information to help them understand ICU, as well as provide up to date information for both current and prospective staff. We hope you find it useful and welcome your feedback.

Clinical Services

As Intensive Care develops as a specialty, demand for our expertise is expanding well beyond the ICU. Learn about the different clinical services we offer including a MET Team, Donate Life Team, Tracheostomy Review Service and Liaison Service.

Visiting the ICU

Visiting the ICU as a friend or family member can be confronting, confusing or frustrating at times. We have collated information that you may find useful when visiting a loved one in our ICU.

For more information for families and friends click here, and for directions to the ICU click here.

Our Culture

We provide an inclusive and friendly workplace despite the seriousness of our day to day jobs. We believe in hard work and innovation but also ensure plenty of downtime to recharge our batteries to continue to provide optimal patient care. As a patient or a prospective staff, we are certain you will appreciate our team.

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Our Blog

We are proud to offer our blog to visitors from within the unit or around the world…

Patient Experiences

We know that being in ICU can be scary and family or friends may feel helpless. We are lucky to have had many courageous patients and families who have gone before and left their stories with us to help those going through that process now. Our caring staff are here to support you through the process.

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